How I lowered my cholesterol naturally

There is nothing more you can do with your diet.

You exercise enough.

It may be time to try a statin drug.

Would you like me to write you a prescription?

These are all things I have heard from healthcare professionals regarding my cholesterol levels. I have battled alarmingly high cholesterol since I first had it tested as a teenager. Although I cleaned up my diet over the years, the numbers weren’t budging. By all standards, my vegan, plant-based diet was healthy.  You can read more about my food journey here. Although my physician and dietitian didn’t believe my diet could be improved upon, I wasn’t convinced. I felt there had to be something more I could do. I knew I wasn’t ready to give up, so I had to find the answers myself.

I researched high cholesterol and how to lower it naturally. In the process, I came across Dr. Esselstyn’s 20 year study proving changes in diet and nutrition can actually cure heart disease. The studies showed amazing reductions in cholesterol levels compared to the minuscule change statin drugs boast. You can read the studies for yourself and check out his book here.

I want to make it clear that what I am about to share is what worked for me. I’m not a medical professional. I had plenty of critics when I started this journey, and still do. However, it worked! My cholesterol is in a healthy range and I did it naturally.

Inherited high cholesterol doesn’t budge easily; simple diet adjustments just don’t make enough of a change. This process would require a drastic change. Based on Dr. Esselstyn’s studies and his book How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, I was already on the right track eating a whole food, plant-based diet. However, now I would need to cut out all major sources of fats. Avoiding fats means I cook without butter and oil. It also means I limit plant-based sources like avocado, nuts, and coconut. I have found that I get sufficient fat from naturally occurring sources in plant foods.

I have found so many amazing ways to sub oil and butter for baking and cooking. It’s shocking how many foods we impulsively add oil or butter to because we assume that is the only method of preparation.

Here are some of my favorite substitutions:

egg:  Use flax “egg”

saute vegetables: Saute dry and add water if they start to stick to the pan.

baking (muffins, cakes, cookies, etc.): To replace fat in a recipe, I usually try to use a combination of at least two substitutes. Examples are applesauce, banana, nut butters, and simply adding water or nut milk to desired consistency.

The possibilities are truly endless! Thanks for letting me share my story with you.

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