The Simple Vida Workbook

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I love teaching and helping others find balance and well-being. I have helped clients (and myself) find fitness for their specific season of life, eat for health and vitality, and live with greater intentionality and mindfulness. My approach is not merely to benefit this life but, more broadly, to benefit the one to come. Vida is Spanish for life. The Simple Vida is my approach to simplifying this life. I want to help you find balance and well-being in your life that compliments your faith and ultimately honors God. Struggles and difficult times are part of the human experience. We can’t escape them! However, we can handle them with ease, grace, and lots of prayer.

This week is the release of my digital workbook-style program. If you struggle with stress, health, critical self talk, relationships, goal setting, or handling emotions, this book is for you. Well-being isn’t a product of happenstance. No one can create it for you. YOU are the only one who can do the work of creating space for personal wellness. This workbook program will equip you with the tools you need to transform your mind and body so that you can have less stress, abundant wellness, and live purposefully. Will you join me on this journey?


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